Talking to 120 College Students about Nutrition

Today I delivered my latest nutrition presentation to 120 University of Virginia students! How did I manage to attract such a large audience?  My husband, who teaches business law, offered them a teeny bit of extra credit to attend my lecture, as he does for legal lectures and court-watching.  We had decided that helping his students become healthier would be perhaps the most important influence we could make in their lives.  So I scanned my mental filing cabinet  of nutritional information, looking for the nutritional change that could make the biggest impact on their heath.

I  concluded that the easiest, the cheapest, and the most powerful lifestyle change would be to take vitamin C: taking it at levels greater than the RDA, taking it throughout the day, and taking  higher doses during illness.  That’s the gist, and my hour’s lecture explains the science supporting this recommendation, as well as the controversy surrounding it.

Sounds too simple?  Did you know that vitamin C has successfully treated diptheria, pertussis, snakebite, cancer, AIDS, and polio?  Are you aware that the prestigious Harvard University Nurses Study of 85,000 women concluded that those taking at least 360 milligrams daily (5 times the RDA) had 28% fewer deaths from heart disease, compared to those taking 90 milligrams (a bit more than the RDA)?  Have you heard that Linus Pauling, the Nobel-Prize winning chemist, proposed that heart disease has its origin in chronic vitamin C deficiency?  Did you see the New Zealand 60 Minutes video about a man saved from death by H1N1,  because his sons insisted that he be treated with  intravenous vitamin C?

After my talk the students asked many questions about doses and formulations, and they picked up extra copies of the outline to share with friends.   I am grateful to know that I’ve made an impact on their health.

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