Beverly Seng

Beverly Seng, MA, JD, NTP, CHFS

I formerly taught environmental law at the University of Virginia School of Law and at Washington and Lee School of Law. My research at that time centered on airborne lead standards and the effects of children’s blood lead levels on their cognitive functioning.  That research led me eventually to my current zeal for helping children with behavioral and learning difficulties.

I retired from the law to home school my son, who has now graduated. While a home-schooling mother, I continued my studies on nutritional influences on children’s learning. I received my certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner from the Nutritional Therapy Association in May of 2008. I am also a Certified Healing Foods Specialist.

I continue my education by constant reading and by attending nutritional seminars. I have studied adrenal, thyroid, and male and female endocrinal issues as well as hair tissue mineral testing  with Dr. Janet Lang.  I have studied  the use of amino acids for depression and addictions with Janet Ross.

While caring for my mother in her last illness I spent a great deal of time researching non-toxic therapies for cancer.  That research led in turn to orthomolecular therapy, including authors such as Doctors  Hoffer, Stone, Cathcart, Pauling, Kaufman, and Klenner.  I currently am concentrating my research on ADHD and dyslexia, depression, and memory loss.  I am particularly interested in the applications of biomedical treatments for autism to the problems of children with ADHD.  I feel that the autism community are the pioneers; those with lesser difficulties “along the spectrum” can benefit from their research zeal.

I am currently working on two new  presentations: one on nutritional support for children with ADHD and learning difficulties, and one on the hazards of stimulant medication. A future project is an article summarizing the potential problems associated with nightshades in the diet.

I also play fiddle, cello, and harp; enjoy contra dancing; and am a certified music practitioner with the Music for Healing and Transition Program. I have two adult sons and three grandchildren, and I live with my husband, a law professor, and my younger son, a filmmaker, in Charlottesville, Virginia.