It’s Alimentary: Your food and supplement plan should be tailored to you, the individual.

There is no such thing as a diet that in every detail is healthful for every person.

Our nutrient needs are affected by our age, our sex, our ethnic background, our lifestyle, our personal health challenges, our digestive strength, and our food allergies, sensitivities, and addictions.

I create personalized food and supplement plans tailored to your specific needs. The food and supplement plan is designed to correct nutrient imbalances so that you strengthen your body’s ability to rebuild, repair, and rejuvenate itself.

The plan is based on an individualized evaluation that assesses your

  • digestion and elimination systems,
  • fatty acid balance,
  • mineral balance,
  • blood-sugar handling,
  • cardiovascular system, and your
  • endocrine system (including adrenal, thyroid, and sexual health).

Your bone and joint health, mood, and potential need for detoxification are also addressed.

If you show signs of food allergies or sensitivities or cravings, I will help you to figure out which foods cause you problems, and I’ll help you to give up the foods that don’t work for you.  Specific supplements can ease food cravings.

The individualized evaluation is based on four sets of information: a food journal, a health history, a questionnaire, and a functional evaluation. These are described in the next windows.

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