It’s Alimentary: For any new food and supplement plan to work, it must fit your goals, your temperament, your lifestyle.

After we’ve completed the evaluations and I have analyzed the information, we will create a plan to meet your health goals.  We’ll consider

  • your temperament and lifestyle,
  • the support you will have in making changes in your life, and
  • any challenges you may face in making changes.

Everyone has a different comfort level with making lifestyle changes.  I will let you know the pace I think optimal for you, and I will support you at whatever pace you choose for yourself.

We will also be in touch for five-minute tune-up conversations, when I can  I offer moral support address any new questions that you may have.

Re-evaluations at regular intervals will allow us to

  • chart your progress toward your goals,
  • determine when a particular supplement is no longer needed,
  • decide whether it is now time to address new health goals.

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