It’s Alimentary: The body gives clues to its functional strengths and weaknesses. The Functional Evaluation is a hands-on assessment that takes advantage of these clues.

Clients who consult with me by telephone receive personalized plans based on your food journal,  nutritional assessment questionnaire, health history, and any specialized saliva or mineral tests that we decide to do.   Those who live nearby can add a fifth component, component, the functional evaluation.

Part one of the functional evaluation focuses on certain lymphatic points that may be tender on your body, giving a sign that the associated organ or organ system is not functioning optimally. (You are fully clothed during the evaluation, and I explain and ask permission before touching each point. For sensitive areas, the client does the touching. Or the client may choose to touch all the points.)

  • For example, soreness or rigidity at a point on the third rib is an indication of suboptimal liver function.
  • As another example, tenderness in the lymphatic tissue surrounding the breasts is an indication that this lymph tissue may not be functioning optimally in its work of protecting the breast tissue from toxins.

These points and their interpretations have been worked out by osteopathic physicians and chiropractors over many decades. The specific points that I use were selected for their comprehensiveness by the Nutritional Therapy Association, the organization that certified me as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

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