It’s Alimentary: Nutrient-dense whole foods are the foundation for vibrant health.

The most healthful diets are whole-food, nutrient-dense diets, based on principles laid out by nutritional pioneers such as Dr. Weston A Price and Dr. Francis Pottenger, as augmented by recent research. Healthful food choices include:

  • Animal fats, which contain necessary fat-soluble vitamins, such as egg yolks, butter, cream, and cod liver oil
  • Mineral-rich bone broths
  • Whole grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes that have been soaked or sprouted
  • Lacto-fermented dairy products
  • Lacto-fermented vegetables, fruits, and beverages
  • Meats, poultry, and eggs from pastured animals
  • Organ meats from pastured animals

I help those who want to make a transition to this way of life by providing information on appropriate food choices, as well as helping you to find local and internet sources of organic and biodynamic foods and pastured meats, poultry, and dairy products. I also teach food preparation techniques, including making cultured vegetables and baking sourdough and soda-raised breads with home-ground grains. We move at your pace, making changes as gradually or as swiftly as you choose.
For more information on this type of diet and the research supporting it, consult the Weston A. Price Foundation website and my recommended Resources.

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