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Our bodies heal themselves. Our bodies will repair, rebuild, and rejuvenate, if we give ourselves abundant appropriate nutrients–as well as spiritual and emotional support.

It’s Alimentary will help you and your family grow to vibrant health by helping you to

  • choose and prepare nutrient-dense whole foods,
  • give up foods that don’t work for you, and
  • choose supplements tailored to your needs.

Beverly Seng, MA, JD, NTP, CHFS.

I am a nutritional therapy practitioner certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association.
I do not diagnose or treat disease. I am not a dietician or a nutritionist, as defined by Virginia state law.

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Comfort Ye

Posted on by Beverly Seng

My CD of healing passages from the King James Bible is now available!
I was inspired to create the prototype for my mother Dorothy to listen to when she had trouble sleeping after radiation treatments for her cancer. She listened to it every night for six months, finding comfort in these words, night after night after night. She passed away a year ago, but I hope now that many others will be comforted by these beautiful words. Two wonderfully resonant and faithful friends of mine read the passages. I play a few harp glissandos and my son did the recording as well as the inspiring photography. Comfort Ye is a wonderful gift for anyone who is grieving or in pain. Comfort Ye will be welcomed by anyone who would like to replace that incessant discouraging internal chatter with affirmations of God’s eternal love.

Beverly Seng: Comfort Ye